Better Term-vt100 on iTouch/iPhone with GNU Screen

Better Term-vt100 on iTouch/iPhone with GNU Screen

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Hello guys,

I compiled GNU screen for the iTouch/iPhone which helps working wth the terminal A LOT.

I attached a zip with the binary and a few configuration files.

First you have to setup zsh as your default shell. To do that just follow this guide. Just change /bin/sh to /bin/zsh (bash didnt work for me).

Next upload the zshrc to /var/root/.zshrc, the screenrc to /var/root/.screenrc and the screen binary to /var/root/bin .

Now you are ready. You can start screen with the alias “s”. Just ssh into your device or open vt100 and type “s”.
This will launch a new screen.
With the alias “ss” you execute “screen -dR” which, if the screen is already attached (for example in ssh), it detaches it and attaches the screen in your term, otherwise it creates a new one.

Ok what can we do now you ask?

Now you probably wonder what you can do with it.

Open VT-100 and type ss.
You have now a new screen. Type some commands like ls or whoami or whatever.
Now just press the home button and close vt100 and reopen it again. You will see a new blank terminal. BUT if you attach your previous screen with ss again. You will find yourself back in whatever you have been doing again.
You can close the terminal do some stuff and come back to whatever you have been doing.

But thats not the only thing you can do. You also ahve a tabbed terminal now. Tap somewhere on the screen to get that radial menu and chose ^[ this is equal to the ususal ^a(C-a) of screen. Now you can enter screen commands with it.
Chose ^[ and type d to detach your screen.
Press ^[ c to create a new tab. Now you can switch between the tabs with ^[ n (next) and ^[ p (previous). To see a list of your currently opened tabs press ^[ “.

For more infos on screen, just google for “gnu screen”

Here is a good site with tips:

GNU Screen download

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