cal(endar) Axel Beckert

Useful but Unknown Unix Tools: colored cal(endar)

$ cal
$ ccal

Update, 2:04 CET: As Adam Borowski points out in message 62 of #605380, “script” is the better tool for making tools believe they talk to a terminal:

$ script -q /dev/null -c «ccal» | ansi2html

Catching the output of a whole year’s calender (“ccal 2011”) failed with GNU screen though, as it was truncated on the 24th of September by GNU screen (as it was already truncated in the screenlog.0), so no “screenshot” of that for the moment. And with script, I’d get the whole output, but would have to manually fix the styles so they don’t get posted literally to Planet Debian. So look for yourself how the output of “ccal 2011” looks like by installing ccal. 😉

29 November, 2010 10:59PM by Axel Beckert (

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