Linux Ubuntu 12.10 Howto Install Apache Tomcat 7

2 untar to :/opt/apache-tomcat-7
3 add to .bashrc export CATALINA_HOME=/opt/apache-tomcat-7
4 setup java
5 relogin
6 create file to start|stop tomcat server
sudo $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ | sudo $CATALINA_HOME/bin/
7 check on address http://localhost:8080
8 change user rigths in conf/tomcat-users.xml

For example, to add the manager-gui role to a user named tomcat with a password of s3cret, add the following to the config file listed above.


Note that for Tomcat 7 onwards, the roles required to use the manager application were changed from the single manager role to the following four roles. You will need to assign the role(s) required for the functionality you wish to access.

manager-gui — allows access to the HTML GUI and the status pages
manager-script — allows access to the text interface and the status pages
manager-jmx — allows access to the JMX proxy and the status pages
manager-status — allows access to the status pages only

The HTML interface is protected against CSRF but the text and JMX interfaces are not. To maintain the CSRF protection:

Users with the manager-gui role should not be granted either the manager-script or manager-jmx roles.
If the text or jmx interfaces are accessed through a browser (e.g. for testing since these interfaces are intended for tools not humans) then the browser must be closed afterwards to terminate the session.

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