Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c ( Juno


Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) for Eclipse Indigo and Juno provide tools that make it easier to develop applications utilizing Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies and Oracle Database.

  • Free
  • Support for WebLogic 12c
  • Plugs into your existing Eclipse environment
  • Supports Eclipse 3.7, 3.8 and 4.2
  • Oracle ADF Faces, Task Flow and Library Development
  • Creation of ADF Data Controls from EJB and POJOs
  • New Drag and Drop ADF Faces Patterns including Master-Detail, Forms, Data Visualization
  • Oracle ADF Lifecycle Debugging
  • WebLogic Scripting Tool Editor
  • Oracle Coherence Tools
  • AppXRay Source Navigation
  • AppXRay Source Code Completion
  • AppXaminer Dependency Visualization
  • AppXRay hyperlink navigation, and validation for ADF Data Controls and Page Binding
  • AppXRay-driven refactoring support for ADF Bindings and Page Definitions
  • Visual Web Page Editing
  • Shared Java EE Libraries
  • ORM Workbench
  • Oracle Database DTP Plug-in
  • Spring IDE bundle
  • Spring / JAX-WS generation
  • Spring / JPA generation
  • WebLogic Deployment Descriptor Editors
  • Improved iterative development of ADF applications with Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Support for Oracle Web Services Manager and Oracle WebLogic Web Service Security implementations
  • JAX-WS Binding Editor
  • JAXWS & JAXB tools
  • JSR 88 Deployment Plan Editor
  • Eclipse WTP Library Provider Framework support
  • Basic Struts Facet

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